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Cam Compass: WOuld this work as the only stroller (from birth)?

Lucky • 15 Apr 2024


Whould this be the only choice for stroller, or a second option? If not the only choice, could you please recommend stroller which can be used for newborn, but light weigth? We would like to have one stroller from the beginning.


Eli • 16 Apr 2024

Hey, Lucky,

No, unfortunately, I would not suggest this for an only stroller. The ride's a bit hard and overall it's no sturdy not as comfy to be used as everyday stroller - it was designed with holidays in mind.

I would not, honestly, go for that small a stroller from newborn. It's not that safe; babies need a bit sturdier but less open environment. I could suggest the Cybex Eezy S+², perhaps, as you can attach a soft or solid carrycot to it, and also, maybe, the Ergobaby Metro as again, it does have a bassinet and also a very padded eat, but still, I would be much more for something light but mid-size, like an Oyster Zero (Gravity), or a Valco Baby perhaps, but I would get a bassinet and/or a car seat, as just in the seat, any sea, the baby will be very open and loose in it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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