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Bugaboo Frog: Is it ok when the bassinet is tilting forward and backward even after clicking into place?

Jenna • 08 May 2023

I have the bassinet attachment on the stroller frame, but it seems to tilt forward/back even after hearing it click into place. Is this normal? I am worried that my child will slide down in the bassinet if I use it. Please help!

Eli • 08 May 2023

Hey, Jenna,

A little loosenes, like a gentle movement is ok, but if it's tilting quite a lot, it is not ok and probably some internal lock can be broken, not securing the bassinet's position into place. This can happen with age, something getting loose or breaking on the inside - and this is an old model already. If there's a lot of movement, don't use the stroller with a baby, there could be an accident.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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