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Bugaboo Fox 5 vs. Silver Cross Reef, which stroller is better?

git • 29 Oct 2023

What carriage is better, Bugaboo Fox 5 vs Silver Cross Reef?

Eli • 29 Oct 2023

Hey, git,

I would say the Fox 5 is definitely better over the Reef. I will explain why, howeve,r bear in mind there is no "generally better" stroller, each stroller is different depending on who it is for (their needs, preferences, height, baby, etc.).

Personally, I find the Reef bulkier, andmuch lower in quality (just check the reviews, parents are actually complaining about it a lot). The lower weight and more nimble push of the Fox is just a huge advantage. Also, the suspension is better on Bugaboos in general, and Silver Crosses of the newer type are simply not so comfy on bumps. Lastly, the Bugaboo will be easier to see and in better shape after years of use, so a rather substantial part of your investment will get back to you at some point.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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