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Bugaboo Dragonfly: Will the Dragonfly be a hardwearing stroller and last well?

HS • 11 Jun 2023

Hi, thanks for your advice!

Do you think that the Dragonfly will be a hardwearing stroller or as it is a new design likely to run into a number of problems? Also how would you compare it to the compact Joolz stroller?

Eli • 11 Jun 2023

Hey, HS,

The Dragonfly is incredibly light - plus a reversible. It may last ok (I wouldn't say hardwearing as with that weight and wheels width, I don't think it can be), nothing crazy then, but ok, WHEN and IF used as this type should - on urban rides, not crazy terrain.

Personally, I find the Joolz Hub much sturdier, though, but it is also much heavier. That one would last, frame-wise, much better from my point of view.

I am assuming you meant comparing it to the compact reversible, and not the cabin-sized, non-reversible Joolz Aer+ - but if you were, that one is a different type, so it doesn't really make sense compacting. The Aer line, though, proved rather well designed in terms of longevity.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.