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Bugaboo Dragonfly: Looking for a lighter everyday stroller - how does the Dragonfly compare to Nuna Triv Next?

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eli & vii
Kale • 27 Sep 2023

Hi Eli,

Doesn’t sound like you’re overly impressed with the Dragonfly, but for those of us in the city looking for a lighter everyday stroller (still with local parks and grass but nothing crazy terrain-wise), how do you think this compares to the Nina Triv Next? The Dragonfly being narrower and much more easily self-standing is really appealing but I’m not sure how the suspension/wheels, longevity and comfort for baby would compare between the two?

Eli • 27 Sep 2023

Hey, Kale,

I think comparing this and the Triv Next is a bit harsh. I mean, the Dragonfly, and that is why I am not as impressed even if I really like the concept, is just way too light. It is super light, which is in theory a bit plus. But it also makes rattly / not too sturdy, with very narrow wheels. It is a nice option for smooth sidewalks, malls, undemanding use, that is for sure. But if you look for sturdy, well, I would probably not go for this one.

The Tiriv next has a wider, though shorter, seat. It seems popular and feels alright, it is a nice option if you need a smaller reversible stroller - though I like the nimbleness and fold of the Cybex Mios much more, to be honest.

I do think that, if your terrain and use won't be too demanding, you will make a good choice with either of these. So perhaps just try them out in the baby shop to know ow they feel like in your hands - btw, LOADED, put a heavy bag there as an empty stroller is not a good reference for the push.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.