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Bugaboo Dragonfly: If it’s truly lie-flat, is the 6 months+ suggestion due to the lack of head support, and would a newborn head support insert suffice?

Kim • 07 Aug 2023

This stroller feels like everything I’ve wanted and waited for. My only concern is the recommended 6 months and up suggested use. I don’t want multiple strollers, and definitely don’t want a bassinet. If it’s truly a lie flat stroller, is this suggestion more so due to the lack of head support? In that case, would a newborn head support insert suffice?

Eli • 07 Aug 2023

Hello, Kim,

The stroller is for 6 months and up mainly because of that hat support and overall protection (+ size of the seat), as a newborn baby might be very loose and not snuggly enough there. With a reducer insert or a soft insert cot of sorts, you should be fine.

On the other hand, be sure to count on this as a stroller for smoother surfaces, the frame is not that sturdy and not great for bumpy roads nor terrain. If you want it as an only stroller for the whole strollling period, be aware the reversible seat is narrower and not crazy roomy, so you may end up with a non-reversible pushchair at about 2 years of age (or a bit later) - that is often the case with parent-facing seats, especially with the more compact pushchairs.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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