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Bugaboo Dragonfly: A new Bugaboo Dragonfly, or a pre-owned Thule Shine - what's the better choice for a 1yo?

Jurga • 29 Aug 2023


For our 1-year-old we are currently choosing between a used Thule Shine in a very good condition and a new Dragonfly. Thule is half the price but the Dragonfly also looks tempting, as it is new on the market and maybe has more innovative design. What would be your verdict? 😊

Eli • 29 Aug 2023

Hey, Jurga,

Personally, I would probably look at non-reversible models at an age of about 1 year - especially if you would like to have longevity in mind. If money isn't the problem, then ok, and you may be ready to buy another stroller in about a year. If that is ok, perhaps I would still rather go for a pre-owned Thule Shine as that is truly quite some money (and environment) saved, and the stroller itself is a good one, sturdy-ish for that compactness. The Dragonfly is not bad of course, being new and shiny and fun, but I feel it's not that sturdy, and quite narrow in the seat, which is a price to pay for that extreme lightweightness.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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