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Bugaboo Butterfy, Joolz Aer+, or Ergobaby Metro+ Deluxe - which to choose?

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eli & vii
KIZS • 26 Sep 2023

I'm having a hard time choosing between the Bugaboo Butterfly and Joolz AER+ (myr2399 = 511.46usd). In my country, the price is the same. And in addition, is Ergobaby Metro + Deluxe (368usd) comparable with Butterfly and AER+?

Thank you Eli

Eli • 26 Sep 2023


The Metro+ Deluxe is a nie model, however, a tad smaller in the seat area, and the suspension is a but harder. All in all, if the saved money ae important for you, and you will be using the stroller more occasionally (travel, shopping, to the doctors), then it is a valid choice and a nice stroller.

Out of the BGB and Joolz, personally I liked the Aer more. The space is similar, however, the Aer+ feels sturdier and more pleasant to push. But both are quality strollers and with a really tall backrest for the type.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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