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Bugaboo Butterfly or Anex Air X?

Yehuda • 28 Mar 2024

I am debating if I should buy the Bugaboo Butterfly or the Anex Air X, my main question is about quality and suspension because I had a bad experience with the suspension of the Anex e-type, every time I am going up steps my baby just jumps because of the suspension and I think that it’s not so comfortable for him.

Eli • 28 Mar 2024

Hey, Yehuda,

I would sa ythe Bugaboo is definitely the better, and also the roomier choice here. None of them, based on their type and size, will have too much suspension, though, with these ultra-compact strollers, you need to be ready for that. Both are, however, ok choices, just he Butterfly would be my preference if your budget allows it.

If I can recommend one more model, the Joolz Aer+ is an even better option in my opinion, the sturdiness and push is simply the best from my experience.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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