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Bugaboo Butterfly, Joolz Aer, or Ergobaby Metro+/Deluxe? Which travel stroller is better (for he car)?

Monica • 15 Aug 2023

Hi Eli,

I need some help.

Can’t choose between Bugaboo Butterfly, Ergobaby Metro + Deluxe & Joolz Aer. Does Joolz has similar ride to BGB? There’s no way to try it without in my country.
I don’t plan to use it that much on a plane, but mostly in car.

Can you please help ?

Thanks a lot ! :)

Eli • 15 Aug 2023

Hey, Monica,

If you need to use it for the car. mostly, you'll probably need a sturdier frame that won't get wobbly after numerous folding. You picked well, your choices are of better quality and reasonably sturdy. Personally, I would probably go for the Joolz Aer+ as I found that one the best made = the sturdiest, and the ride is, from my point of view, superior to most strollers of this (travel) size. Also, the seat is very nicely sized - comparable to the Butterfly while having a pretty much lie-flat option in that Plus version.

The Metro+ is very sturdy, although a bit larger than the Aer. I like the padding there, the stroller is better for smaller babies because of it, but if your baby is a toddler / bigger already, than the Aer is a bit better, longer lasting choice.

The Butterfly is a very nice stroller, but I think that for the price, the Aer+ is better and sturdier at the moment. I will also mention the Uppbaby Minu V2 which is also sturdy, a bit larger after folding, and comparable in seat size to the Metro+ (Aer is a bit roomier).

My best bet would be the Aer though, if your budget allows it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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