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Britax Strider M, Joie Aeria, or Joie Alore? Which stroller to choose in that price range?

Bron • 24 May 2024

Britax Römer Strider M vs Joie Aeria vs Alore?

Or is there something better within that price range? Important features are a large sun canopy, all terrain, large basket underneath, backwards and forwards facing, can fold in one piece.

Eli • 25 May 2024

Heya, Bron,

And do you need only a one-piece fold, or does the fold have to be compact, too? Cause so far I am liking the Alore's ideas and design, but the one-piece fold is a little bulky. If that is not really a deal breaker for you, out of the three, that one I like quite some. The Aeria would be my second choice, but I honestly prefer the Joie Versatrax over it, just a tad sturdier design.

I would also check the Valco Ultra Trend but with the optional inflatable wheels.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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