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Brio Sing: The stroler shakes quite a lot, is it safe for a newborn baby?

Maranata • 28 Feb 2023


We have a Brio Sing model and wanted to ask if the bed is usable for our 2weeks old baby to go out for a walk with the trolley. Somehow the baby shakes in the trolley quite a lot and I am a bit worried if it is good for the baby or not.

What do you think?

Thank you for your response.

Eli • 28 Feb 2023

Hi, Maranata,

The carrycot - the lie-flat bed should be safe for the baby, yes. It is quite normal for it to shake more with a very light baby, and it will get better as the baby will grow. I mean, yes, it is not ideal for the baby to be shaken crazy much, so perhaps try to oil the springs a little and move the frame with pushing up and down with your hands äwhen the pram is empty) to loosen the suspension a bit, and worst comes to worst, be careful and don't walt over crazy bumpy terrain. Other than that, the pram should be safe to use from birth, yes.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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