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Bébé Confort Loola Up: Which car seats are compatible with it?

Bini • 22 Feb 2023

I have a Maxi Cosi Bébé Comfort Loola Up. I was wondering which car seats are compatible with it. Thank you. We are in the UK. It is for a newborn.

Thank you

Eli • 23 Feb 2023

Hi, Bini,

You can attach Maxi-Cosi/Bébé Confort cars seats, but also Cybex, Joie, Recaro, Kiddy, Nuna, Clek Liing to it (as the other brands have the same attachment system). You will, however, need adapters, and as the stroller is discontinued, that might be a problem. The only car seat I know of that clicks on without those is the Bebe Confort Creatis, though that I also think is not sold anymore. Check if you can find adapters on eBay or other classifieds offers, and if you do, you can use a car seat with this.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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