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Bébé Confort Bonny vs. Koelstra Re-Act, which compact budget stroller is better?

Miska • 22 May 2024

Dear Eli,

I would like to buy a small stroller for low money. I found Bebe Confort Bonny or for same price I found Koelstra Re-act, which one is better please? As well wich one has longest lying area (also other marks)? I cannot find this information anywhere.

Thank you very much

Eli • 22 May 2024

Hey, Miska,

The two strollers are really very very comparable - similar in size (folded, too), similar in space... it's not totally easy to tell which is "better" as both will have the same pros as well as cons, pretty much. I personally would probably lean towards Koelstra as that one is a little less slanted in the siting position - the Bonny is leaning backward a bit too much, making the baby only half-sit. I also overall like Koelstra desgns, they are usually practical.

Otherwise, whichever is prettier or cheaper for you will be truly almost the same, functionality-wise. Just be prepared for very small, foam wheels, thus not much terrain capability (these are meant for use as a secondary stroller, for traveling, shops, and so on).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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