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Be cool Ultimate: A stroller for a 4yo autistic child, ideall not a Baby Jogger

Shay • 14 May 2024

Hello Eli.

You haven't listed the seat depth or width or the seat back height for this stroller. Do you have this information?

I'm looking for a light weight day to day stroller for my very tall 4 year old. I know one of the strollers from the Baby Jogger line would be the best option, but I don't think my child will like the unique design of the footrest as it's so different from our previous stroller. He's autistic so he likes familiar things and we will need to use it for a while. I saw another mother of an autistic child also 4 ask a similar question. I'm a different mumma but have the same needs.

I was also looking at the Jackey XL as an option. What are your thoughts? Anything too large and heavy isn't an option, as I'm a single mother and need to be able to push the stroller and hold my child's hand when he decides to walk. We also have an apartment with stairs and no lift.

Thank you in advance for any advice or options you can give!

Eli • 15 May 2024

Heya, Shay,

I haven't listed it as I didn't have it, so sorry. If it helps, I can make an educated guess - it could be somewhere around 22-23 cm.

About the stroller that could suit you guys' needs and not being a BJ – the Ultimate perhaps could work. It's not too small, so hopefully will last about at least 9-12 months still, maybe more if your little guy is not too tall. I would not go for the Jackey XL as the seat there is much smaller, especially because of the canopy position. I'd suggest also checking out the Britax B-Motion Plus, even if pre-owned (quite a long seat), the Valco Trend (again a really long, roomy seat), the Baby Monsters Alaska (similar to the Be cool one), or perhaps the Mamas&Paps Armadillo.

The best is, however, to try it out in a baby store. Each child is different, body ratio-wise, and sits/prefers to dit differently, too, so one stroller may fit one 4yo and not another similarly heavy one, which is why I often recommend the Baby Joggers simply because they truly are on the more roomy side, and were tried in similar conditions a few times already. Still, many of these should fit you, I personally would probably go for the Valco as it's rather larger, space-wise, but light at the same time.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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