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Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0s vs the lighter 4, which is actually better?

Dee • 09 Jun 2024


I'm considering the Baby Monsters Easy Twin 3.0s vs the Baby Monsters Easy Twin 4. I live in an urban area with cobblestone streets and hills, and I was told that the model 3.0s is very sturdy. Plus, I don't have car, and the big basket will be super helpful.

However, it is REALLY heavy, and the 4.0 feels much lighter, and feels like it has an easier push. Are people happy with the 4? It seems like it's missing a lot of conveniences incorporated into the 3. Is it actually easier to push?

I also plan on moving out of this area after my husband finishes school. Our new neighborhood will likely be more suburban, and without those cobblestone streets.

Can you help me figure out which is better for me?

Eli • 09 Jun 2024

Hey, Dee,

I personally think that the heavier one would actually be better, as the heavier a stroller is, the better it "sits" on the road and handles bumps and holes. With cobblestones, you want that sturdier model to not get it loose and all rattly very soon. So it kind of depends on when do you plan on leaving the bumpier area, however if it's more than just a few months, I would probably stick with the sturdier model.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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