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Baby Jogger City Mini GT2: Can I add a buggy board on this, and which one(s)?

Maria • 06 Mar 2023

Hello Eli,

Do you know if I have the possibility to add a buggy board for the second child on this stroller?
Probably a universal one cause, as far as I can understand, there is no buggy board of the same company.

Thank you in advance.


Eli • 06 Mar 2023

Hey, Maria,

Actually, they do offer a buggy board at Baby Jogegr, it is called a Glider Board, and it does fit this model, too (it may be it is not available in all countries). YOu CAN however use a universal one, I personally recommend the Lascal or the Bumprider as the most universal fits.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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