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Baby Jogger City Mini: Does the Glider Board and the bumper bar fit both the 1st and the 2nd City Mini generation?

Maria • 08 Mar 2023

Does the Babyjogger Glider board work for the City Mini2? And the belly bar for the City Mini2 on this stroller too?

Thank you

Eli • 09 Mar 2023

Hi, Maria,

The Glider Boards buggy boards (1 and 2) are working for both the first and the second generation of the City Minis, so yes, you can use that on both.

The belly bars are only dedicated to either the first or the second gen, so the bar for the City Mini 1 is only for the City Mini 2 and the GT2, and the one for the city Mini 1 is only for that one and the GT(1). You cannot interchange the belly bars, unfortunately.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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