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Baby Jogger City Elite: How easy is removing the fabric and will I able to fold the stroller?

Lizzy • 04 Oct 2023

I’ve recently purchased the City Elite 2.

I am wanting to remove the seat so I can just have the frame with carry cot and car seat for first 6 months. How easy is this to do and how can I fold the frame down without the fabric ?

Eli • 05 Oct 2023

Hey, Lizzy,

It's not totally easy but it can be done. Personally, I would probably prefer having the cot over the seat as it's only a few months, but if you insist on having the carrycot without the fabric, definitely possible. Just make sure to take pics or make a video of removing the fabric to be able to put it back, on, and ideally, consult a manual here's the manual page on City Elite's fabric removal.

About the folding, the strap to fold the frame down will stay, so it will be pretty much the same folding just with the strap being free on the chassis - as opposed to under the seat fabric.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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