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Baby Jogger City Elite 2: Will the accessories (basket, bumper bar bar) for the City Elite 2 fit the City Elite?

Jordy • 25 Dec 2023


I already have a City Elite 1 from my first 2 kids and love it, it’s also still in good condition so I will be using it again for my new baby.

Will the accessories for the City Elite 2 fit the City Elite? I’m particularly looking at the under stroller basket, the belly bar.

Thanks for your help.

Eli • 26 Dec 2023

Hey, Jordy,

I won't make you too happy but no, the bumper bar for the child won't fit - isn't interchangeable between the Elite & Elite 2, the attachment system changed. The same goes fot the basket, before, it was attached around the bars, and the newer model went for a sleeker, less visible solution, meaning the older Elite won't have those attachment points, I am sorry.

Maybe with some alterations, the basket somehow could fit, as the size is similar, but it will need some sewing or other changes to be able to attach it. I would suggest browsing eBay or other classifieds for the original accessories, even if preowned, though.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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