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Asalvo Flight: Asalvo Kubic, Jané Rocket - which travel buggy will work on grass better?

Mel0203 • 23 Jan 2023


I am looking at the Kubic model, which I think is almost the same. How does it go on grass? I need one that can pass an occassional grass patch without too much heartache.

I want to know which is more sturdy and manageable out of Jané Rocket and Asalvo Kubic.


Eli • 23 Jan 2023

Hiya, Mel,

You need to count on that all the strollers you mention are TRAVEL strolers, made super minimal, and with very small wheels, so meant to go over smooth surfaces in airports, shops, and occasional sidewalks when on vacation. So you have to know that any terrain - like grass, gravel, bumps, will be a pain with these. With Asalvo strolers, it may be even more so, as these are cheaper models with not too much suspension, and the wheels are quite hard, stiff, so if you will choose between those and Jané Rocket, I would probably lean to Jané, though don't expect soft comfortable ride - you'd need a larger, sturdier pushchair for that.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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