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Any information about the Babylo Zummi Halo stroller?

Mihaela • 20 Jan 2024


Do have any information about Babylo Zummi Halo?

Eli • 20 Jan 2024

Heya, Mihaela,

The stroller is a kind of budget-friendly almost ripoff of the Joolz Geo line. Simpler, but quite sleek, it is a bit smaller - less spacious, seat and bassinet-wise (or more than a bit, if I should be honest). I think for the money, it is a cool starter stroller, especially if you plan to swap it around 1.5-2 years of age, as after that, the seat will be too tight for a toddler.

I personally wouldn't go for the tandem version, the frame doesn't feel that sturdy or maneuverable to me that it could feel solid with two children on board - and especially with a younger-older sibling, the seat will become small soon if your older isn't really petite.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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