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Anex m/type: Can is face both sides, how easy is the fold, and how lightweight it is?

benineli • 25 Nov 2023

Hi, I ahve 2 questions: is Anex m/type stroller facing both sides? And how easy it is to fold and lightweight to carry after? Thanks

Eli • 25 Nov 2023


Yes, the m/type has a reversible seat, so it can face both ways. The bassinet shouldn't be really putting on facing forward, even if in theory it could be possible - you don't see on the baby if something happens like that, which is why most manuals forbid it.

ABout the folding, you'd do best to remove the part. and fold the frame separately. Which means, it is not hard, but has a few steps. The stroller is, however, rather heavy, over 13kg. Meaning this is not a stroller for traveling nor for regular carrying in hand, so for that, it's not the best choice (as it is also on the bulky side).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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