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Anex e/type vs. Bugaboo strollers

yehuda • 27 Jun 2023

I am debating about buying the Anex e type stroller or one of the Bugaboo strollers, does anyone know to compare (except of the weight), on the pictures I see that the canopy is looking wrinkled, also does anyone knows if the leather can be steamed and cleaned?

Eli • 27 Jun 2023

Hey, yahuda,

First, no, the Anex leatherette is not steamable nor cleanable in terms of washing; you can just hand clean it. Second, the stroller, similar to the Roan you asked earlier, is a larger, bulkier stroller, although it has smaller wheels than the Roan. It is not easy to compare it to Bugaboos, especially when I don't know which model (there are multiple different types, even with BGBs), however, the quality is different, the stroller su for different use. The carrycot, again, is comfy and pretty, but the seat smaller in size and lie-flat (most of Bugabooo seats are bucket-style). Peronsally this would, for me, again be a pram = best used with the carrycot, but for overall practicality, the Bugaboo strollers are, in general, better.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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