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An upright compact stroller with a lie-flat

ikokos • 21 Aug 2023

Can't find right stroller. I need an upright seat, full (or almost full) lie flat, leg rest, small size (or at least not huge). Currently we have 2 strollers - Nuna Mixx and Joolz Aer. In Joolz my baby can't seat upright at all (she is tiny 1 year old) and it seems not comfortable for her so we don't use it at all. Nuna is really big and becoming less practical, but very comfortable for my baby (though we haven't used leg rest yet as baby is too small yet). Any advise would be really helpful. Thanks

Eli • 21 Aug 2023


I will suggest a Cybex Mios or a Cybex Balios S. The Mios is especially small but really comfy to sit, at least from my and my sons experience, while the Balios is simpler however also more affordabôe (but also bulkier a bit).

I wil also mention the Stokke Beat and the Bugaboo Bee.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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