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An umbrella buggy with quality wheels and a cot for a newborn

miriam • 29 Feb 2024

I need umbrella fold buggy (like Maclaren) but i want good quality wheels and need it to have a cot for newborn.

Eli • 01 Mar 2024

Hi, Miriam,

Perhaps the Maclaren brand is then your best bet. I mean, umbrella buggies in general have weaker wheels, and Maclarens are better in this aspect, so their models are a god option there. Many larger ones do have a cot (insert one) available so again a match for you.

Apart from Maclarens, the Silver Cros buggies come to mind (with a universal insert cot), or the Baby Jogger Vue (probably second hand one doesn't see new ones anymore much) - with a universal insert cot, or perhaps Cosatto umbrella buggies also offer, sometimes, a cot insert option and/or reversing of the seat in a way.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.