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An ultra-compact that will have good wheels and will be able to do cobblestones

Lucia • 03 Mar 2024

Hello Eli, I have difficulty to find a stroller that fits my needs. I have almost 2 year old daughter. We are planning summer vacation and I need a second stroller that fits either on board or to hard shell suitcase up to 60 cm x 50 x 30 cm (I had an umbrella buggy before and they ruined it) I should have rubber or other good wheels with suspension (I had Joie Brisk and the wheels were very worn out after few months). It should have ideally larger canopy and flat possition for the naps.

I would like to use it afterwards as my 2nd stroller for car trips - for the city only, and cobblestones here and there. I thought of X-lander X-fly, GB Qbit all terrain, Kinderkraft Nubi2, or other but fron the photos I cannot tell what would suit me the best. There are so many. I love your website and all the advice you give! I would be grateful for any help. Thank you very much.

Eli • 04 Mar 2024

Hey, Lucia,

If you want the smallest stroller size possible, all the while it should solid wheels and even be able to do cobblestones, the expectations are a bit too high. That size of a stroller won't do so well on bumps as the wheels will be super small, and you need to be ready for that.

My best advice here would be the Joolz Aer+ which I find to be the most solid, and also spacious, and quite deep reclining. I think that with anything cheaper/simpler (like a Kinderkraft), you will be a bit disappointed from the wheels and the maneuverability, especially on cobbles. So that would be my best advice.

Otherwise, you will need to count on such a model to be more rattly / with cheaper wheels.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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