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An ultra-compact buggy under £200 with enough space for a tall child, low weight and all-terrain capabilities

Sasha • 19 Jan 2023

Hi there,

I have a 1-year-old tall baby (who likes to sit up and is a keen walker/runner). I'm looking for a compact stroller that is:

- lightweight
- sturdy
- all-terrain
- lie flat
- tall enough to fit my baby (he is tall for his age and slim)
- one-hand fold (no umbrella fold)
- small enough to fit in an overhead locker on a plane
- under £200

I love the look of the egg strollers, very stylish but too expensive for me.

Please help! x

Eli • 19 Jan 2023

Hi, Sasha,

I'm afraid you simply want too much. Already the first requirements, lightweight x sturdy, are actually opposing, you either need something light, meaning a compromise on sturdiness, or sturdy, all terrain, which means the stroller will be larger, heavier, bulkier. The same for the seat - you want a space for a tall child, however you want the stroller to be the smallest kind there is, to fit the overhead compúacrtment on a plane which means an occasional, minimalistic ultra-compact. And to this, you add a low budget that always means looser, less sturdy strollers with small seats. I'm afraid you will have to compromise a lot, especially with a limited budget and a tall child.

From ultra-compacts, though I warn you, they won't exactly be roomy nor all terrain by any means, I will recommend checking the Recaro Lexa, the Ergobaby Metro+, and the Cybex Eezy S+2 which at least has larger wheels. Also, check a Joolz Aer secondhand.

Then, think about a larger stroller, too. Something like a Valco Snap 4 is light but more spacious for your child to have space to grow in, and your push to be more comfortable. And lastly, rethink what your main priorities are, like 1-2 highest ones (is it budget? space? terrain?), and then all else will have to be a compromise. You would not expect the smallest car there is, like a Smart4Two, to have all-terrain wheels, huge limousine-style seats, and extra space for a table, and all that for very cheap, right? It just cannot be done, engineering-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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