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An occasional compact, Disneyland-friendly stroller for a 3yo, £200-300

Jo • 28 Apr 2023

I have a tall 3 year old, 97cm tall (15kg). He measures 47cm when sitting from bum to top of his head. I'm looking for a stroller for occasional use so just something small / lightweight but that can fit a tall lad in it for trips to Disney / London etc. Ideally less than £200-300.

Thanks so much!

Eli • 29 Apr 2023

Hey, Jo,

Actually, most strollers fit Disneyland, I believe. So you don't have to go for something ultra-small. In any case if it's really for occasional use, I get it. Definitely look at the Recaro Lexa (not th Elite). The Chicco Goody Plus doesn't have the tallest backrest buh has a lot of space to the top of the canopy, so for occasional use it is absolutely suitable. And I just say the Joolz Aer, which is the highest quality of these, for about 309 at pramworld.co.uk, so definitely recommending that as the most spacious one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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