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An everyday-use urban stroller for a 1yo, easily foldable, lightweight, sturdy, ok for plane travel

Izzy • 04 Feb 2024

Looking for everyday use city stroller for 1 year old, which is easily foldable, lightweight, but sturdy and it can be also used for air travel.

Eli • 05 Feb 2024

Hey, Izzy,

An ultra-compact that fits the overhead compartment (thus, good for air travel) is, at least from my experience, not a great option for everyday use. The seat space is limited because of the size, the wheels are tiny = getting stuck in potholes, on bumps, in cracks... and overall, the sturdiness goes, as that is the price to pay for such a small size. So I would suggest getting something a bit larger for everyday use, as your 1 year old will only get bigger and around 2 or 3 you will need the space (something like an Oyster Zero (Gravity) would be more comfortable).

Having said that, if you still want what you described, then go for quality - the sturdier, roomier model would be the Joolz Aer+, and that I would recommend checking out. Not the cheapest, but better to push, with one of the tallest backtrests in the category, and sturdier than any other travel stroller.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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