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An everyday, all-round stroller for a large 10mo that is compact but sturdy

Maggi • 07 Sep 2023

Hi Eli,

We are looking to replace our current buggy for our 10-month-baby. We have the Egg Quail which we used for our first child also. It ticks almost all of our boxes, but unfortunately just doesn't seem very comfortable/supportive for the child.

These are our requirements:

• Compact but sturdy
• Suitable for day-to-day use in a city but also able to handle occasional rougher terrains
• Comfortable for child and able to recline
• Baby is 91st percentile for weight and height. She's already 10kg so probably need weight limit to be higher than 15kg
• Able to fold
• Needs to work well with the Lascal Mini buggy board, with space for our older child whilst still being comfortable to push
• Decent size basket
• It would also be great if it was something that we might be able to find second hand

Can you suggest any models to look at?

We've bought a secondhand Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 - but find it quite large and although we've not attached buggy board yet it seems there won't be much space for my 3yo's head!

Thanks so much

Eli • 07 Sep 2023

Hey, Maggi,

Most strollers will fit the Lascal Mini sibling board but the more compact they are, the weirder will the walking be (and the less space will there be for that standing child, handle-wise). You can see what I mean by seeing how much space there is behind the City Mini GT2. Honestly, I think that space-wise for your younger one, you won't do much better that that, and with the compact size you require, your older one on the buggy board won't ever be crazy comfortable.

Try looking at the Oyster Zero, but the handle-space for the older one will be similar. The Valco Snap is also a nice and light idea, but similar, design-wise. The Valco Trend is actually even roomier plus has a longer, adjustable handle, so could work even better but it also means it's larger than the regular Snap. Also, look at the [[peg-perego-booklet|Peg Perego Booklet which has a better handle for a buggy board space.

I wouldn't recommend going for smaller-size buggies, it will be even worse for your older one, and there will be much less space in the seat so your 91st percentile baby will grow out of such pushchair quickly.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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