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An all-terrain stroller with a large bassinet, practical seat, and suitable for hot climates

Keshet • 18 May 2024

I'm looking for an all-terrain stroller for a newborn with an easy fold, large bassinet, and stroller insert that has good recline and can be used from a reasonably early age. Plus, an easy car seat attachment. I'm a small person (so nothing too heavy) in a mostly hot climate, need to navigate lots of unpaved paths, and to get the pram in and out of a car regularly.

The 4-wheel Baby Jogger City Mini 2 that I wanted has been discontinued. Bugaboo Fox 5 and Sportline Celio Q have been suggested (though the Bugaboo doesn't have an adjustable leg rest - is that a deal-breaker?). What do you suggest? Thanks!!

Eli • 19 May 2024

Hey, Keshet,

As a bucket seat (reclning as a whole), the Fox's leg rest shouldn't be a deal breaker, people usually find it comfortable for the children (unless the child hates a bucket style seat, that is - btw, suitable from 5-6 months and up). I can definitely recommend that one as a versatile all-rounder, just not the most compact (for a small car - so if yourboot is tiny, not the best option), otherwise truly practical.

I can also suggest the Nuna Triv Next with the ventilation part in the backrest, and chunkier wheels even if a bit more of a compact stroller.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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