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An all terrain stroller that pops up curbs easily, has premium looks and features, and a large basket

Gem586 • 19 Jan 2024


I’m looking for an any terrain stroller, beach/ woods etc. one that’s good at curb popping. I’ve had a Mountain Buggy before for my twins which was great but the hood was too short and sun would be in their eyes - so I need an extendable hood, brilliant suspension, luxury look, leather bumper bars, adjustable foot rest. And a big basket underneath as I walk my twins to school and put their backpacks in the stroller basket, I store the stroller in my porch so something which isn’t huge. No budget. We walk a lot, I live near countryside and the beach, need something that’s easily put up and down for the car. I’ve been looking at the Uppababy Ridge, Mountain Buggy, Thule, Baby Jogger.

Eli • 19 Jan 2024


You are looking at the right brands, I would say. I personally am a huge fan of the Baby Jogger City Elite 2 - rather flat folding but really a work horse. Accessories such as a bumper bar are bought separately and are not necessarily leather-vcovered, but it is a very practical and roomy, maneuverable model.

The Ridge is also a great, practical model and definitely worth considering.

The Peg Pérego GT3 is a real workhorse, too, but that one is heavier/bulkier, but worth mentioning. And I will also mention the Bumbleride Indie which, I think, might be just ideal for most of your requirements.

P.S. If the sun shading of the canopy is not good enough, it's easily solvable - so don't make the hood a deal breaker. Just buy an extra sunshade, easy to get in baby stores or on Amazon.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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