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An all-surface stroller with good suspension and an ergonomic seat lot of space as well as an adjusting handle

Marthe • 10 Aug 2023


I am looking for a stroller that is good on all types of surfaces. Has good suspension and is wide. My babyboy is big both in length and width. And the stroller needs to have an ergonomic seat and I would like if the canopy were long. And the handlebar needs to be adjustable because my husband is 195cm. We live in Norway, so really good if I can find it in a store here or on a good website.

Eli • 11 Aug 2023

Hey, Marthe,

Not sure if by ergonomic seat, you mean a bucket-shaped seat unit. If so, I must warn you, these, as any reversible seats, are less spacious than any just-forward-facing seat. If still a bucket seat would be your preference, I would either suggest an Uppababy Vista which is very sturdy even if having a bit less suspension, or the Emmaljunga NXT90, Gesslein Indy (Active), or a Hartan, e.g. the Hartan Xperia GTX.

However, I wouls strongly recommend rather looking at a Baby Jogger City Elite 2 or a BOB threee-wheeler, they have a "classic" non-reversible seat, but they will last you much longer and are much better for all terrain.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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