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An affordable stroller for an autistic 4 years old

Hollie • 25 Apr 2024

Please help me I'm in desperate need of finding an affordable stroller who is 4 but is big for his age.
He is autistic and we use a stroller everyday for him to keep him safe.

I have searched high and low and finding it very difficult to find one that will carry his weight, and that the actual height and depth of the seat is big enough for him.

Any help greatfully appreciated.


Eli • 26 Apr 2024

Hi, Hollie,

I am sorry to say that you'd be better off with a higher-quality, which also means more expensive stroller. They tend to be sturdier, carry more, and last better. I am thinking that you might perhaps be able to get a cheaper model pre-owned, so browsing classifieds for a Baby Jogger City ELite I have seen multiple times used for a very similar situation to yours would make a lot of sense. Also, BOB three wheelers might be worth checking pre-loved, or a TFK.

Apart from that, I will perhaps recommend looking at the Out n About Nipper whic maybe could work, or a Valco Trend (Sport).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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