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ABC Design Samba: Joie Aeria or ABC Design Samba – which is better quality and has better suspension?

Pri • 15 Sep 2023


Between ABC Samba and Joie Aeria, which do you think is better when it comes to suspension? I'd like to take my child out for walks on a gravel path regularly.

Which out of the two strollers do you recommend is better overall?

Thanks in advance!!

Eli • 16 Sep 2023

Hello, Pri,

Both of the prams you mention are rather nice, push-wise, though the more all-terrain - with better suspension - would be the Samba in my opinion. The larger front wheels are often a good indicator of a bit better terrain / bumpy roads features.

I think both are, quality-wise, rather nice, though I think you will be happier with the Samba. It feels a bit sturdier and more spacious as well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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