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ABC Design Ping: ABC Design Ping vs. Cybex Beezy vs. Easywalker Miley2 vs. Ergobaby Metro+ - which ultra-compact to choose?

Hanni • 20 Mar 2023


I am so thankful for your useful advices here, I’ve learned a lot about strollers. I am planning to buy a compact travel stroller for my one-year-old for our travels and also daily use (mostly for shorter rides to the store).

In my country, the most affordable and available items for me are ABC Design Ping, Cybex Beezy, Easywalker Miley 2 and Ergobaby Metro Plus. I would like the chose the comfiest one which rides smoothly on the cobblestones and also the one with the best material. Which would you recommend for us?

Eli • 21 Mar 2023

Heya, Hanni,

The Ping is actually not that bad of an idea. It is on the sturdier side, the fabrics are very pleasant, and the canopy, too. I personally would probably choose between that and the Metro+, which, also, is the sturdier one, and has chunkier wheels which, for normal use, you will need. The other two are not bad, actually, just less sturdy as well as a tad slanted, so probably go for any of the first two I mentioned you prefer design-wise (or, better yet, try them in a store to know which fits you and your height and steps the best).

Be careful, though - none of these will ride smoothly over cobblestones. The wheels are too small for that - you will feel those very much, and the only solution for that would be a (much) larger-wheeled stroller.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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