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A very light, easy-to-operate stroller from birth for a mom with a health condition

Nat • 25 Jan 2023


Love your site!

I need a stroller, from birth, which I can use as a mom with physical limitations due to health condition affecting my muscles and joints.

We want something that works for us in the city only (though sidewalks are not always great, plus curbs, steps, etc.) but can be used one handed and lifted easily due to health conditions. We need lightweight (as far under 9 kg as possible, preferably under 7.5 kg) with a one-handed fold and one-hand unfold, one-handed recline and one-hand un-recline (not those annoying strap systems), with only 2 buckles to click in (not 4, and nothing that needs connecting or overlapping to make it into 2 buckles), easy to push with just one handlebar, and that also has a bassinet and can take a Maxi Cosi / Cybex / etc. style car seat, and that doesn't need the adapters removed for folding or to put on the seat and uses the same adapters for both the car seat and bassinet (because taking adapters on and off can be difficult on the joints, plus it just gives extra pieces to carry around like the seat which is also difficult).

I am considering the [joie-parcel|Joie Parcel]] because it fits all these criteria but it is so new that there are no reviews online and while it pushed well in the store, it is hard to translate that to how it will hold up in real life (bumpy sidewalks, curbs, steps), and also the canopy wasn't particularly big. Have you seen the Parcel? I was hoping you would review it on your site (the site has been so helpful for me so far).

If you have other suggestions, they are also welcome. If there is a stroller you think is relevant, we have budgeted enough to cover most strollers as I have to be able to function with it with my health condition.


Eli • 25 Jan 2023

Hiya, Nat,

I see you have a problem that requires a lot from the stroller. I personally have not held the Parcel yet, however I can tell you from the design it is based on the Joie Pact. It is mostly a small stroller - which you need - however you cannot expect much of it as it is based on an occasional-use buggy that is quite slanted and simple, with not much suspension nor a super sturdy frame. So, if the weight outweighs it all, it actually could be a nice option (I don't, however, think it folds without the adaptors). From a better-quality model, I would also consider the Joolz Aer which has a bit more suspension and apart from a lie-flat, which it doesn't offer, it has most comforts of the Parcel, too.

Apart from that, I would probably suggest the Cybex Mios or the lighter but less sturdy Cybex Melio. A much more comfortable stroller with even a reversible seat and an easy buckle, it would give much more comfort to your little one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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