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A travel stroller with ventilation and a seat on the upright side

Ju • 21 Mar 2023

Hello Eli!

I am looking for a travel stroller that has plenty of ventilation and one in which baby can sit upright. It would be better to have a larger seating capacity as my baby is tall. So far I’ve only found the Joie Parcel to meet the criteria. Could you let me know if there are any others please? TIA!

Eli • 21 Mar 2023


The Joie Parcel, if it fits you, is an ok choice. It is definitely not completely upright, and there is some ventilation (especially in the canopy and when the seat is reclined). The seat size is also ok but nothing special really - I am not sure how tall is your child, In any case, if you checked and perhaps tried it and it fits you, I wouldn't overthink it and for one.

I personally would probably prefer a Recaro Lexa or a Joolz Aer for a taller child - again, not completely upright, but the seat angle will do better than most. The ventilation is not special on those two either, but the seats are usually quite open on the ultra-compacts, so it should not be a problem really. Definitely check Cybex compact strollers, too, the seats are of a nice size.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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