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A travel stroller with a long back rest that can do cobblestones

Mira • 02 Aug 2023

Dear Eli,

Where do I turn to for a travel stroller with a long back rest, high-ish weight capacity (22 kg, preferably 25 kg) that can do cobble stone? It doesn't have to be ultra compact/cabin sized (in which case I guess we should be looking at the Bugaboo Butterfly?) but should fold up small enough to comfortably take on a train (including carrying up and down stairs). Bonus points if it comes with a pull handle or a transport bag. I was considering the Woosh Trail, but don't know if the seat unit will do, or the Emmaljunga Kite, but am not happy with the (lack of) recline and how the backrest reclines.

We have an Angelcab U-Series (and an Emmaljunga NXT 30) for every day use so really just looking for something less bulky that folds away easily on long distance trains or in smaller hotel rooms but can still tackle typical German old-town cobble stone streets. The stroller will mainly be used for our now 6 months old but should hopefully also fit our tall 3 year old (I don't mind carrying little one but can no longer carry older brother for longer distances when he tires).

I'd really appreciate your help!

Eli • 02 Aug 2023

Hey, Mira,

If you find your Emmaljunga NXT30 still too bulky for that purpose (as that size normally does work for train travel, and it's a size that will deal with those cobblestones quite alright!, I'm afraid you won't be into the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 which is kind of similar size (roomier in the seat though), just really quick and flat-folding. Look into that, I think that could be a solution, but if that is too large, I think you really do want a cabin-sized model.

Which would mean, from my point of view, probably the Joolz Aer+. That, and the BGB Buttefly have the tallest backrest, while I find the Aer's frame sturdier a bit, better made. It WILL suffer on cobbles as the wheels are small, but you can survive it I think (at times, going backwards), if the size + the seat space is the highest priority.

The Emmaljunga Kite is a nice option because of those larger wheels, but you mentioned the lack of recline (which is not there with the Aer) might be really not healthy for your younger one. Lastly, I will mention the Cybex Eezy S+² which also has a tad larger wheels, compared to other travel strollers, and that could work for you as well. The seat is large enough but the backrest not as tall as the Aer's.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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