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A travel stroller that accepts a Chicco Keyfit car seat - Contours Bitsy or Joovy Kooper?

Leah • 14 May 2023

I’m looking for a travel stroller to take on a flight that can accommodate a Chicco Keyfit car seat. I also want this to be my mall/drs appt stroller for when I don’t want to lug my heavy City Select Lux in and out of the car. I’m torn between the Contours Bitsy and the Joovy Kooper. The Kooper has better wheels and storage, but the bitsy is about 2 lbs lighter and folds more compact - and doesn’t need an adapter for the car seat. Which would you recommend?

Eli • 15 May 2023

Hey, Leah,

I feel that the Bitsy is the "cheaper" model here, and I don't mean price - the design is just not the surdiest. Both of these are more budget strollers though, and the differences actually are not huge. Design wise I would probably say Kooper, however in the end, I think that the no-adapters-needed Bitsy will be an immense advantage for the use you're describing, and so I would probably go for that in the end, personally.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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