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A travel stroller good for naps - Bugaboo Butterfly vs. Anex Air-X vs. Anex Air-Z

Seni • 31 Aug 2022

Hi there,

I’m thinking of buying a stroller for travel. And I can’t decide between the Bugaboo Butterfly or the Anex x type type or Anex z type! I’ve got at the moment Anex e/type and I really like it, love the suspensions.

It’s really important to me that baby will have comfortable naps and will be easy for me to ride around.
Would you be able to give me your expert advice?

Eli • 31 Aug 2022

Hiya, Seni,

Wel, and how old is your little one? As the answer quite depends on that, and perhaps the "how does he/she like to nap"? I mean, my third, for example, hated a full recline and fell asleep only if I reclined the seatback partially. The moment I put the backrest to a lie-flat, he woke up. He was a bit older at that time, about 1.5 years, and as such, the BGB Buttefly would suit him much more. The Butterfly sports only a partial recline, and for some (especially with very small babies, like under 6 months of age), that is a real breaker.

Overall, the Buttefly is higher quality and with MUCH taller, 56cm backrest, so that will be a huge advantage for long-lasting use even with a larger toddler. So my personal choice would definitely be that.

However, if you have a small baby and/or your little one needs a lie flat, you will rather go with an Anex. The Anex Air-Z is better if your baby is really a small, small baby, as it can face the parent of sorts, which is useful with small babies. However, the Air-X is a bit more spacious - the seat feels longer, and also has a longer canopy, so if you don't need that reversibility feature, I would rather take the Air-X than the Air-Z (the differences are, other than that, rather small).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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