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A travel stroller from 3 months till the end, not necessarily a cabin-sized one

Samanthaadean • 01 Mar 2023

I was wondering if you would have a recommendation for a stroller. I am looking to invest in a more travel friendly stroller for taking on a vacation however I would also like to take it on walks through the suburbs and city. Fitting in the oversize locker is not a must have, just something suitable for travel. I would like it to last as my daughter is only 3 months old so would like it to last until she is a couple of years old and have longevity.

A lot of the travel strollers that I have read up on are only suitable for occasional use and due to the light frames are not robust enough for day to day use. They also seem geared towards fitting as a cabin luggage item and this is not something that’s important.

So in summary, a travel friendly stroller, robust and sturdy enough to support everyday use.

Eli • 01 Mar 2023

Hey there,

I get you. Right, so in my opinion, you should start looking at kind of mid-size lightweight strollers which will be comfortable for you and your little one now but also later on. I am glad the cabin size is not a requirement, as that, as you rightly said, takes away a lot from the stroller. Personally I would look at strollers like Oyster Zero Gravity which is spacious and has a super nice hood while it is not heavy, or the sturdier but nimble Baby Jogger City Mini2.

From an even more compact fold, I would check the Quinny Zapp Flex or the TFK Dot 2 if you could put your hands on that one. The Cybex Eezy S+2 is also a reasonable choice.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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