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A travel stroller for an 8mo - with a full recline, large hook, ventilation, upright seat and ideally reversible

Liz • 08 Mar 2023

I have an 8-month-old. Looking for a travel stroller that can fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. Full, recline, large canopy, ventilation. Also, a fully upright position and reversible seat, if that's even possible.

I was thinking about the Recaro Lexa Elite, but not sure if it will work in the overhead bin.

Eli • 08 Mar 2023

Hi, Liz,

There is no such stroller. They never have a fully upright positions, the cabin-approved ones. Also, a large canopy is VERY rare with those, one that comes to mind is the Maclaren Atom that truly is not completely upright by far.

The Recaro Lexa Elite actually should work with at least many airlines, so not a bad option at all, though in the reclined position the canopy won't be huge. Perhaps I would rather go for the simpler, non-reversible Recaro Lexa to have a smaller stroller for travels, to be honest, but both are reasonably nice. Not completely upright again, but not too slanted either. But is the reversibility is important, I get it. Though those strollers will also be larger a bit.

The Ergobaby Metro+ should also work, even if the ventilation is not that prominent. Again, not a reversible one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.