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A travel stroller for a trip to Italy, optimal for naps, and with a more upright seat

Lorna • 13 Jul 2023


We're traveling to Italy this summer and don't want to take our well loved but bulky stroller (Mamas and Papas Flip xt2) with us - especially as the car we're renting isn't huge and we need to fit it in there with us and the luggage, too!

Ideally would love something shady and cool, as upright as possible, and with leg rest/flat recline for naps. My little boy naps well in there but also in the very cheap non-branded umbrella fold stroller my parents bought for their house - however, I'm not sure that sort of thing is supportive enough for full days wandering round Venice etc!

I'm expecting that we will probably start to phase out the Flip xt2 when we get a new stroller so don't mind investing a little bit, but the Babyzen YoYo which is my dream is running far too pricey in the UK for our budget really. They just don't seem to come up lately on any of the second hand sites and forums either.

I was very tempted by the Bizzigrowin compact stroller but was put off by the lack of leg rest as I'm not sure if that would be comfy/affect naps. Looked at the Mamas and Papas Airo, too, but put off by negative reviews.

Am I asking for too much (probably!) If so, any recommendations for what we should prioritise? Would love to hear alternatives.

Eli • 13 Jul 2023

Hey, Lorna,

Actually, don't be sorry for the Yoyo not being available for you, it is actually not that great - the very slanted and short bakcrest is it's biggest downside, and personally I would not invest in that with the other options on the market.

My best suggestion would be the Joolz Aer Plus which is one of the roomiest models on the market, MUCH more upright than Yoyo, and overall nice to push (nicer than the Yoyo, again). It is, however, on the more expensive side so maybe checking second.hand or some nice summer sale would be nice.

The Ergobaby Metro+ is a sturdy-ish option especially comfy for smaller kids (nice padding) so that is also worth considering. The Cybex Orfeo is very simple but if thas not a problem, it could be interesting to check (you will need some universal sunshade to enlarge the canopy there, though). I would also recommend the Cybex Eezy S+2 because of the larger wheels and a but more upright seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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