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A travel stroller for a big 15 months old, Babyzen Yoyo 2/Cybex Orfeo?

Livs • 22 May 2024

Hi Eli, how are you?

I’m looking for a stroller for holidays. We love our Cybex Mios but in our last visit to Paris the subways road was a nightmare due the lack of lifts. My son is 15 months and he is very big for his age. Our thoughts were on baby zen 2 and Cybex Orfeo 2023. What is yours thoughts on this scenario?

Thank you very much

Eli • 23 May 2024

Hey, Livs,

The Babyzen has a super short and very very slanted backrest, and I personally would never really buy it for the price, it's not that practical not that comfortable for sper small and then super big babies (and not worth the price tag for me personally).

The Orfeo is asimpler, but pretty and better choice, space-wise. I personally prefer the Joolz Aer+ here even more, though, as the seat is spacious, the stroller sturdier, and overall better built.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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