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A travel stroller for a 3mo - with a lie-flat, reversible seat

Marija • 26 Jun 2023


We have 3mo old baby and are in search for a travel stroller. We already have bigger stroller that we extensively use and that covers all sorts of terrains but since we have a small car we cannot take it with us when traveling. We could but then we can forget about other stuff :)

What's important for us is that travel stroller has the reversible seat and that it can be lowered down to full flat position. Also, it has to take little space when folded. Additionally, we would like it to be better quality to serve us for potentially more kids. We're currently comparing Recaro Lexa Elite and Cybex Eezy S-Twist so what would you say is a better option? If you have a different suggestion, we're open for it!

Eli • 26 Jun 2023

Hey, Maija,

If a reversible seat unit is a necessity, actually, there are pretty much no other options for you, as far as travel strollers go. From these two - which are comparable so you won't make a "better" nor "worse" choice really, I would probably go for the Cybex, however I would go for the Cybex Eezy S-Twist+² - the PLUS in the name means larger wheels, and with those, plus the a bit sturdier frame of the Plus, you will have a bit more comfort. So that is what I would suggest as the best option, especially if the stroller is mainly for the car (and not a plane).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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