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A travel stroller for a 2.5yo that will last & have a better resale value

Cathy • 28 Jun 2023

My 2.5yo son (just over 15kg) has outgrown the Silver Cross Surf 2 travel system. I'm looking for a compact stroller - ideally one I can take on a plane on holidays, but would like one that will last as he grows (he is tall) - looking at the Bugaboo Butterfly or the Joolz Aer+. Which would you recommend?

Do either have better resale value? Thanks!

Eli • 28 Jun 2023

Hey, Cathy,

The strollers and brands you mention are both more "luxury" ones, and both keep their value rather well. I think Bugaboos in general sell for more but with these compact models, it's not really the case as much. Personally, I would go for the Aer+ I think, and it is so because I found the Aer frame sturdier, and the Plus version also has a deeper recline = more moms will want to buy it even used. So I would suggest the Joolz in this case.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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