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A travel stroller for a 1yo, with an upright seat, a large basket, and a large hood?

Libellule • 23 Oct 2023

Hi Eli!

Can you recommend a travel stroller for a tall one year’s old girl, that allows her to sit to observe outside (an angle not lower than 100 degrees, to understand) with a large basket and a long canopy?

Thanks for everything you do

Eli • 24 Oct 2023

Heya again,

I am sorry, but honestly, I cannot think of any like that. I mean, if we're talking about travel stroller, size-wise (not some midsized stroller ok enough for traveling by car, for ex.), those are all rather slanted = not too upright. Some less then others, and as such, I would recommend the Joolz Aer+ which also has a slightly larger basket as the shape is protruding in the back - that being said, the basket won't be exactly large, just not totally tiny. The seat will not be totally upright but a bit better than most. And about the canopy, that, unfortunately, is average, not too large, not tiny either. That, however, can be easily solved by buying an extra universal sun shade, from Amazon or any baby store.

Any other travel stroller will have something else that fits and something else that won't, like the Maclaren Atom has a large hood but a very slanted seat and a tiny basket. So, my best suggestion would be the Aer but you need to count on these being occasional, small strollers = they won't have everything.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.