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A travel stroller for a 12kg 16-month-old with an upright enough seat

Andrada • 30 Jan 2023

Hi Eli,

I am looking for a stroller for my 16 mo tall boy who is 12 kg in weight. Looking for a lightweight stroller that I can fold one-handed and can use for travelling. He likes his upright seat to be fairly upright (we have a Maclaren Quest Arc and he is slouchy in the upright position), a good recline for naps and the seat to be completely hard and padded (in the Maclaren the seat is made of fabric sustained on the sides only). Is Kinderkraft Trig an option? Or Cybex Beezy? Also looking at Jools Aer but it’s a little pricey.

Eli • 31 Jan 2023

Hi, Andrada,

You really need to acknowledge that the smaller the stroller, the less it will have an upright seat. It is simply too much to ask, design-wise, as the stroller is made to be super simple, light, and cannot have a completely upright seat at that.

The Aer is the best option of yours, size-wise, as it has a tall seat back. However, the backrest positioning desn't lie flat, and is a bit complicated, with side zippers, which, seeing you want a hard backrest, might be a problem for you. Quality-wise though, it is the better option. The Beezy is a nice small stroller, however a little looser, it is not a super rugged sturdy one. An ok option, I guess, if you need something really small and light. There is, however, a fold in the upper third of the seatback.

I personally would not go for the KK Trig, it is not such a small stroller and also is quite rattly for that larger size. Definitely not a travel stroller, size-wise.

I will also recommend the Recaro Lexa with its larger seat (but it is not upright, sorry, none of these are), or the Ergobaby Metro+, which is nicely padded, has a good enough angle, and overall is sturdier than many others.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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